These are my occasional on and off topic observations from a 6’7″ (2 meter) perspective as a motion media content imaging professional. Basically I illuminate and capture motion images used to sell stuff.  I’m a shooter.

For nearly thirty-five years I’ve been on the backside of cameras filming, then recording, and now capturing a sequence of data images to convince people to buy stuff they didn’t know they needed.  No, I don’t edit.  Yes, I show up to work with a pair of gloves.  Yes, I’ve been surrounded with gear before it was legal for me to drive.  No, that’s not the only reason I see life from a different viewpoint…
I’ve walked on fire twice (and paid $ for the privilege both times)!
There were famous names like DuPont and Hilton (yes, the real ones) in my grade school.  They are retired now and I still coil cables and haul sandbags.
Speaking of grade school, I was always the second tallest guy in the class.  Ed Greco was the tallest and his dad was the basketball coach.  My chances at a basketball career were doomed at an early age.  This is partly why I don’t shoot sports, don’t watch sports, don’t even follow the games.
My family name changed spelling when my great-grandfather was processed through Boston in 1906.
My dad’s father worked as an electrician through the depression changing houses over from gas to electric lighting.  Times were tight.  He transported materials and tools on a bicycle.  But, he still managed to pay off their house a few short days before the bank failed.  In those days you lost your house if the bank holding the mortgage went bust. They were able to keep their home.  He started teaching me about electricity in the 5th grade.
My mom’s father told me that if I have to work on Sunday I was either not man enough for the job or the job was too big for one man.  A day of rest and worship meant something back then.
Production is still my dream job.  I love working with a team of other professionals to make motion images. The only other job I’ve ever wanted, besides the production industry, was to be a pilot.  I still coil cables and haul sandbags.
I once had my picture on the front page of a newspaper for throwing eggs. It was a school science experiment (really)!  Must have been a slow news day.
I’ve had several near death experiences, including being held up at gunpoint.  I’ve stopped wondering about the nine lives theory.
The furthest I’ve traveled is India.  I’ve set foot in 43 US states & territories (outside of the airport).
I enjoy making people cry (ok, get emotional) through my tech work on faith-based events.
I have the greatest sense of peace and possibility at the helm, paddle, or tiller of a boat.
I’m married to God’s daughter, a very patient woman, and my true companion. My soul mate. I married up!
Please feel free to comment on my observations of illumination, my conquests in pixel wrangling, and my efforts to instigate enthusiasm.