As I was leaving the show floor yesterday my friend Keith Sherins and I were discussing how to go about measuring and evaluating the new light sources like LED’s and Plasmas for full spectrum output. Does it require some expensive equipment? I mean you can’t shoot an image and analyze in Photoshop can you?


Imagine my questioning when I saw a guy peering through a tube looking at lights. A tube about the size of a rolled up dollar bill used for illicit purposes in Las Vegas movies. It’s the answer to yesterday’s question! A spectroscope. The one he had was from Less than a hundred bucks. One will be in my briefcase soon.

Spent a little time in the Kessler toy booth. The new Fusion computer controlled head will be out soon. An analog real time control head for live use is in the plans for late fall 2012. Starts around $6k and can easily reach $11k.


Always on the lookout for yet another handheld rig to add to my collection…. enter the Dougmon. Made by a shooter with 30 years of experience it works much better than pictures might tell. A 30 day money back guarantee shows how much he stands behind the product. Fit for cameras up to an HVX or C300 with no attached stuff. Email him and ask for the NAB special and get fifty bucks off the $399 price tag. I’m going to take advantage of it!


I have to mention my award to Sennheiser for best booth lighting. It’s like a glowing orb on the horizon. I just know all the daylight temp downlighting makes their gear sound better. It just has to!


Now, for the find of the day. Ever been to John Wayne Airport and seen those cool three wheel scooters the parking ticket gestapo ride around on? The ones that go backwards and forwards and turn on a dime? Silent too! The pen scratching the ticket makes more noise than these things. Previously only sold to law enforcement, as of three weeks ago they are finally available to the general public. For a cool $9k.


But that’s not the best part. The BEST part is the upcoming R3. I’d have to buy two because I’d like to stay married and if I only buy one I’d never get to drive it. Besides, a pair of R3’s is still less than one of Canon’s new zooms. Fair trade off I think.