Spent hours continuing to track down more 3D production information. BIG thanks to Alex Martin of Digital Video Group plus Rob Henninger and Sam Crawford of Henninger Media Services for their advice and help. If you are still at NAB, DO NOT MISS the curbside entertainer/educator/motivator in the Sony booth expounding on all aspects of 3D shooting. He’s an excellent show! He’s at the 3D camera display.


I certainly love my Backstage Carts. But, I’m always on the lookout for additional wheels. It wouldn’t hurt if they were less expensive either. It looks like Multi-Cart/RockNRoller has stepped up their game. Slightly.

I got caught taking pictures of the Datavideo Sprinter van. Thanks you John & Benoit for being gracious!


I need a new ramp solution and they provided helpful information.


I spent much of my early production days pushing faders and I still love looking at great live production kits.


TV Pro Gear has put a TV production truck in a box. Then rolled the box into a Sprinter Van. Managed to stick an IP satellite dish on the roof as well. Thanks Keith Stephenson for the tour.

Away from the electronic media Mecca. Away from the thousands of people. Away from all of the NOISE. Away from everything that needs to stay in Vegas. No that far in mileage but in a different physical realm. Right on the ragged edge of cellular coverage. Here is my favorite image from NAB 2012. LIVE from Red Rock Canyon NV…


Good night.