Instead of starting NAB 2012 as I normally do at the Sony booth in the rear of the Central Hall, I decided to hit the post pavilion first to see what the editing types in those dark rooms have new to work with. Imagine my surprise when after last night’s Canon Cinema EOS sales pitch I see the following front & center in the Blackmagic Design booth.


Notice the retro look. It’s almost styled after some Insta-Matic or Polaroid camera from years past. It’s oversized. Larger than it must need to be. With big handles left and right like an aluminum shop tool. But most shocking is the price!


Am I interested? Not really. As a Micro 4/3rds chip camera without real professional specs I don’t see me buying a case full. But I do think they will fit right in with Blackmagic’s ATEM switcher and studio products. It is also interesting that it is one tenth the price of Canon’s C500 announced last night. Times are changing. Options are increasing.

One product line I will be purchasing is LED based ellipsodials. Yes, they are compatible and comparable with ETC Source Four lenses and accessories. AND they will do pattern projection!!! I’ll be back to that booth tomorrow to dig deeper and ask more questions.


Another product on my buy list is the latest Scopebox software. I used their original product matching looks on multi-camera shoots back in VA. Scopebox3 now supports QT’s and feeds brought in through Thunderbolt ports. At $99 it’s a no brainer.

There were LED’s A Plenty! New lens options. And new camera support options too. I’ll dig deeper in that area tomorrow and report back tomorrow night.

In the meantime, indulge my Sprinter fetish with some Sprinter porn from a company that makes cheap video stuff but has great taste in vans to display in their booth.