WE no longer own the means of production.
WE are one step (cog?) in the wheel of marketing.

WE have clients who have clients who have their clients and so on down to the end client who all have less time, less staff, and more stress and really wish they didn’t have to be on this shoot today.  (Don’t believe me?  Just watch how much texting is done.  All Day Long!)

WE are in an upheaval of our own with traditional tools (like film and tape) gone (not going by the wayside… gone) and new tools that are sold as finished goods that really should still have a beta label on them (too many examples to mention!  Just look inside my Pelican cases!)

Back in November of 2010 FAST COMPANY published a great article about this path as it relates to agencies.  It’s a long read.  But it’s worth it. (unless you don’t care about your future…)


WE need to be cogency instead of a cog.