At 4:45 PM today on New Year’s Day 2010, after filling a 20,000 lb capacity dumpster to the top with pallet shelving, unsold stuff, and things that just seemed to never disappear, I closed the door and locked the padlock on the gate for the last time after 25 years of working for myself in Richmond, VA. Final closure of my east coast production base.

All of the “keeping” gear for the next phase of my production life departed for the left coast on Dec 30th. It will take most of January for us to travel, find out which side of the road the ocean is on, and search out the best coffee shops. Hopefully by mid-February we will have narrowed down a new base and I’ll be back in the swing of things on a different side of the USA sometime in March.

It’s been a long, wonderful, amazing ride for the last 25 years here in Richmond, VA. Someday I hope to write down some of the thoughts that have drifted through my head in these last 13 weeks of my wife’s job offer, decision, selling most of what we own, saying goodbye to 25 years of friends, etc. THANK YOU!

It might be a while before I post back here. Most likely I’ll start a new blog for my next production concentration. “Production Hero” isn’t gone… just in transition somewhere between limbo and relocation.

Meanwhile keep up with my wife and my new life chapter adventures at