Maybe we should keep the lights on.  (Maybe even turn up the brightness a notch!)


A more appropriate title might be Memorial Day Holiday Boating in the Southern Outer Banks as we saw many  boats in the same predicament over the course of the weekend.

In reality I suspect these fisherman were here early in the day (high time), walked over to the other side of Cape Lookout to surf fish and didn’t realize that a gently sloping sand bottom with a four foot tide would leave hundreds of feet of beach between the high water line and the low tide water line.

I hope their cooler was stocked with beverages and that they had a grill and some fish to cook. They were going to be there at least 12 hours (and maybe 24hrs as the next high tide was predicted to be lower than the one they beached with).

No this isn’t our boat and no I didn’t take this picture. Joe Fielden scrambled out to take the picture as I kept our small craft from grounding and waved off other yahoos from colliding with us.