So, it’s been more than 5 months since I’ve posted???  (really 8 months since I’ve made an effort to keep up…)
We’ll there’s a bunch of “new” things to talk about, good stuff, and I promise to get right on posting it here.
In 2009 I’m going to make a huge effort to be current with my blog (for work and “life”stuff), my website (for work marketing), and Facebook for personal “stuff”.

Since I’ve only been back in the USA for 30 hours after returning from a great, relaxing, recharging, vacation…  let me end this New Year’s greeting with the first 2009 “required reading” assignment.

I actually found out about this book mid summer ’08, and I apologize for not posting about it sooner.  I refer to this book as my “retirement plan”, although it’s about work, adventure, creating family, and creating legacy.   Drum roll……  A TRIP TO THE BEACH by Bob and Melinda Blanchard.   Check it out!  You will not be under-inspired!

Happy New Year, Jon