As usual, at the end of another fun multi-day commercial shoot for an international cleaning product line, we set up to shoot the product shots.

It’s normal for many production co’s to do the product shots last, once the talent, make-up, hair, wardrobe, and sound crew are off the clock.  Besides, sometimes the product shots will be a smaller set-up and some of the grip, lighting, and camera gear can be wrapped early.

Not today!  It took 15+ lights.  All in the living room / dining room of a house.  On the second floor!

Here’s the list of the gear we used to light 3 products as quickly and efficiently as possible:

(1) Arri 150w fresnel

(1) Dedo Projection Attachment

(4) Arri 300w fresnels

(2) Arri 650w fresnels

(5) ETC 750w Source Four ellipsoidals

50 degree, 26 degree, & 19 degree lens tubes

various patterns with holders for the S4’s

(1) Barger Six Lite

(1) Chimera Medium Quartz Plus Lightbank with inner baffle & full Chimera cloth on front

(1) Barger Three Lite

(1) Chimera Small Quartz Plus Lightbank with inner baffle & full Chimera cloth on front

(1) Chimera Mogul Socket with 750w lamp

(1) Chimera Small Video Pro Plus Lightbank with inner baffle & full Chimera cloth on front

(6) fluorescent lights under the counters

various Beefy Baby stands, B-Boards with baby plates, kit stands, Junior Rolling Stands

(4) 1,500w dimmers

(6) C Stands and flags

(10) 25lb shotbags

(1) Combo Stand

(1) Boom Arm Kit

(2) Sets of Apple Boxes

(1) Skateboard Doorway Dolly

Lots of 12/3 stingers plus a 220v plug-in distro box (in this house we used the 30a/220v dryer receptacle)

Color (warm or cool) on most of the lights

What else can be left still unused from my “fat” Suburban Grip & Lighting Kit?

(yes, wrap this stuff early)

(1) K5600 800w Joker HMI

(1) K5600 400w Joker HMI

(1) Arri 2kw Open Face

(2) Chimera Mogul Sockets with lamps

(2) 1kw Open Face

(1) Pelican case full of additional grip

more stingers

(3) LED lights in my run bag

Despite all of this we packed up and were driving away about an hour after wrap.