I missed this until today.  But it’s worth going back to if you are in the advertising media creation business.


This video confirms my thoughts that we are in a different business today.  We should no longer think of ourselves as just service businesses.  We used to be in a chain of sub-contractors that at the top delivered a spot or video to the end client.  We need to change that thinking.  Instead we must think of ourselves as producing value for the end clients.  A spot or video isn’t enough anymore.  There are enough folks running around “delivering” those.  We need to add value to our clients lives and bottom lines.   And, it’s going to take different thinking on our part to get it done.


I do not think the production styles of yesteryear will survive much longer.  Some of the comments in this video confirm that. That’s why I’ve been on the trail of Small Format HD since November of 2004. That’s why I’ve just assembled my 5th version of SFHD (this time full frame 1920×1080 with stunning resolution and light sensitivity). That’s why I now have a Pelican case of 35mm glass from 8mm to 600mm for the front of this camera to help create better stories visually. That’s why my run bag has $5k of three kinds of LED lights in it. That’s why I have a Porta-Jib Traveler.  And on & on…


Smaller, Faster, Cheaper….  yet Better is what it’s going to take to add value to our clients bottom line.  It’s a chore constantly re-inventing ourselves.  But get used to it!  As the video says… our clients are hungry for ways to reach their customers.  Is our mindset a part of that solution?  Or, are we still trying to fit our past solutions into their current problems?  Get ready… it’s not a “problem” anymore…  it’s a hunger.


Watch the video:  htttp://studiodaily.com/main/video/9038.html