It’s been a while since I’ve picked-up a business magazine (too long!). But this one is a must read!

INC. February 2008

Starting on page 75 is fourteen pages of stuff that anyone from advertising to videography should be interested in!

As a side note… I went on the web to check out some online items the headline article talks about. I watched an interview with John Caplan CEO of Ford Models… (slightly paraphrased here as I transcribed it):
Interviewer: “You mean to tell us you give a camera to the talent?”
John Caplan: “I think the amazing thing about young people today is everybody knows how to shoot. We’ve given them simple cameras. But. we’re not asking for highly produced content. Because in fact the higher the production value the lower the audience interest.”

WAIT! Before you run out into the street screaming… check out William-Sonoma’s new website with tons of video. I guess they didn’t get the memo that quality doesn’t matter.

OR… does quality only matter for a certain age groups or market segments? (Boomers?)


Another great article in this INC. issue is on page 63: “Why the most important innovations are often those that appear to be totally flawed”

Personally, although I’ve been in the production industry for over 25 years, I strive to learn something new every production day. It’s part of what keeps me “open” and “fresh”. This article reinforced that although I have a wealth of experience there are new things to learn everyday.

Here’s the first line from the article: “I could fill a pretty long book with all the stories of times I thought that an idea was stupid and could never work, only to discover that, in fact, it was pretty inspired.”