I wasn’t going to buy one! Really!


After all, I’m a die-hard Verizon Wireless fan. I have had nothing but excellent experience with the voice quality and especially the coverage areas of Verizon Wireless.


BUT… I’ve never been able to get my .Mac email to sync up (or even be retrievable) with my Treo on Verizon Wireless. Even after purchasing two 3rd party software patches it still wouldn’t happen.


I really was at the Apple store for some cables or something (I am after all a Mac fan). Then by chance (since I’d missed a couple of important emails earlier this week that took me 12 hours to respond to since I was on location) I decided to check out the iPhone’s .Mac email capabilities. WOW! Sort of like changing from black & white to color! (More like moving from tin cans & string to digital)


SOLD! – I bought it!


It took me less than 30 seconds to sync up my .Mac mail account with my iPhone. Really! In addition it didn’t take too long to download a 28 page .pdf production book for my job next week. Plus, I’ll save a few trees by using the map function on the iPhone instead of printing out pages and pages of Mapquest directions. See, I’ve gone “e” by going “i”.


Should I really feel like a deserter from Verizon Wireless?


UPDATE January 2008: I still love the iPhone. Yes, I have coverage problems and some days more than a dozen dropped calls. (WAKE UP AT&T!) But, for me, the huge benefits of all of the Apple parts of the phone make me live with the AT&T coverage and service issues. (That is until Verizon starts selling the iPhone)