Some days (weeks) I wear too many hats!

For this series of white cyc spots, I provided all of the lighting, power, and engineering technology.

Multiple cameras shooting different talent and prop scenes over multiple studio production days.  Each scene might be inter-cut with another day’s work and all scenes will have a lot of graphics added in post.  The consistency of the white levels and talent illumination is critical.

First up is the use of space lights for the “even” look on the white cyc.  Next, is the ability to control each space lights lamps individually so as camera angles (and distance from subject to cyc wall) change I can “dial” up or down the illumination on the wall in desired locations.

Next, is the use of Barger Six Lites with Medium Quartz Chimeras.  The Barger’s six circuits give us control.  The Chimeras soften the light for good-looking close-ups.

My dimming and control enable precise small changes in illumination.

Last, add my cable and engineering and monitoring for matching the cameras for a consistent look throughout multiple production days.  With the proper monitoring I make certain the white cyc is consistent from shot to shot.

The production went so well we got to repeat the process several months later for a second series of spots.