The impossible again!  Again for God’s work!

FIRST LANDING was this summer’s production by Regent University of a script commissioned and funded by the Christian Broadcasting Network.  It is a historical drama of the Virginia Company’s 1606 first crossing to the New World to establish commercial trade in the colonies at Jamestown Virginia.  It is the story of the voyage’s chaplain Robert Hunt and his impact on the founding of America.

Since this was a Regent University production it was “classwork” for the Master’s degree students.  Sprinkling hired professionals as department heads the film students got to work in real production conditions: oppressive summer that, simulated storms at sea, real voyage at sea (on the Chesapeak Bay), long production days from dawn through dusk, all-nighters, etc.

Bunt Young was hired as the Director of Photography shooting digital on the Sony F-900.  I was hired as the gaffer.

It was an unforgettable experience.  Not only was it my first TV feature (in my 25+ year career I’ve stayed in the commercial & television programming end of production), not only was it my largest mostly volunteer production yet, not only was it hugely ambitious, it was probably the most favorite job of my career!

Here are a few production stills.