Up way before dawn again.

The video guys are down to the last pieces of triax for the cameras.  In fact, they are now using one of the camera backs that was deemed not usable on day two because the connector is bent.  Now it seems this piece of gear has the last working camera power supply.  So, the 300′ piece of sandy triax has to stay on the camera and be taken back to the hotel at night like a 300′ garden hose attached to the camera.  Nice mess.

This might be the first morning that we started shooting inside the original early morning shooting window.  Except we’re so far behind that we keep shooting through the ugly center portion of the day.

Daylight fill on a clear day

The producer still has a mouse in his room.  It seems to enjoy the game of hide and seek.  I’m not sure if the mouse realizes this is actually a serious attempt at seek and destroy.  Nevertheless the producer hasn’t gotten much sleep in the past two nights.

Quote from the set today: “no, I don’t need to go back to the hotel to use the restroom… I’ve got a depends on.”